A Second Before Us
The game takes place on a post-apocalyptic Earth, which was destroyed because of "cataclysms" of unknown type.But people survived and begun to develop again. They built a Delta comlpex, which has become a shelter for survivors.
People who live in Delta are called "colonists". Their main goal is to collect and accumulate information (of all fields of knowledge) for its transfer to future generations. To increase the speed and efficiency of works, the colonists pass "erase" procedure (partial memory lock). Life here is subjected to strict rules, which are built to isolate the colonists from each other (colonists live in absolute solitude).
A Second Before Us


Colonists don't have names, they only have personal sequence numbers. Your number is 183 and you're the ordinary colonist. With you, as with other colonists does nothing unusual, but one day your life changes. Can you take the chance to find out the secrets of the Delta? The choice is yours.


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