HANZ! is a single player top-down shooter.

Distinctive features of the game are dynamic gameplay, cartoon graphics, funny story, many mechanics and various game modes.


Go through a difficult path from beginning to end of the level, destroying enemies on your way.

Capture the flag

Capture the enemy camp and raise your flag as high as possible.

Tower defense

Survive by killing waves of enemies. Turrets will be a great helper for you.

Good & positive chambers

Stop shooting at enemies! Invite them to tea in the chambers of good and positive.


Fight with the most dangerous inhabitants of the galaxy!

Bonus levels

Get the opportunity to feel like a farmer. Catch as many enemies as possible on the combine. And let no one run away from you!


The Galactic War has begun! The Carrot Republic is forced to fight the Cabbage Empire.

Dark Panda — the most dangerous villain of the Galaxy leads the crowds of his soldiers to destroy one planet after another.

HANZ — is the chosen hare who is able to defeat the Dark Panda and save the Galaxy from complete destruction.

Become a defender of the Carrot Republic. Justify the hope and faith all hare nations!

To new horizons! To the stars!


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