Join the endless race and crush enemy cars in the arcade smash chase simulator!
Become a crazy driver of one of the coolest and most famous cars in the world. You have more than 15 awesome cars for different tastes: from a Mustang, a racing taxi and a Formula 1 car to a time machine, a famous yellow transformer and a starship from a popular cartoon!
Take part in a speed race, run away from the pursuit of police, bandits and other enemies. Don't let yourself be caught up in this endless chase!
Fight on the road of death: break cars of enemies on the road, smash cars, do not let yourself overtake, survive and escape from police cars!
Drive as far as possible, earn money and reputation. Buy garages to get access to great opportunities and open new arenas. Upgrade and improve your car to survive in the pursuit and drive even more distance.
Compete with your friends, achieve the best results, set crazy records!
Feature list:
- dynamic arcade gameplay
- more than 15 awesome cars to choose from
- upgrading cars
- 3 arenas (maps) to chase
- beautiful graphics and energetic electronic music
- excellent performance on most devices
Download "Forsage: survival racing - car chase simulator " and play free. Get ready for the chase! Crush enemy cars on the road! Upgrade your car! Buy the most modern garage and take part in the chase in the best arena!
Take part in a speed race and start to break into the leaders right now!
While in the game TAP LEFT or RIGHT to break the enemy car on the road during the chase.
To activate the selected bonus TAP on the LEFT and RIGHT sides of the screen AT THE SAME TIME.
We hope you enjoy our game and wish you a great race!


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