Pre-Relase BLIK

Hello! Our team is working hard and experimenting with the genre of puzzle games. This time we want to announce our puzzle game called BLIK!

Here you will be offered to become a student of one of the best academies in the world! The Academy prepares new specialists using modern equipment and the latest techniques. There are two main aspects of the game: the blasters and the platforms. Blasters are used to cast a beam that is reflected by the platforms and gets to the receiver. The platforms can be moved so you need to make a path for the beam. The level is considered to be finished when a beam falls into receiver. Your task is to graduate from the Academy and to get a job offer from prestigious company.

In total, it is planned to create more than 50 levels of varying complexity, but only 5% of smart students will be able to complete the game to the end!

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